Top 5 popular Vietnam coffee brand, What’s your choice?

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Vietnam coffee brand might have come to your attention from a friend or the cafe you frequent. Most likely, you drank it as well without realizing it was from Vietnam.

The unexpected fact is that Vietnamese coffee is more common than you might imagine. Vietnam coffee brand is sold all over the world and is only second to Brazilian coffee in terms of popularity.

The top Vietnam coffee brand are listed below for your convenience. Whole beans and instant coffee are both available, and they are all freshly grown in Vietnam!

The best Vietnam coffee brand

1. Trung Nguyen- Best Vietnam coffee brand

Trung Nguyen- Best Vietnam coffee brand

Trung Nguyen, a Robusta and Arabica coffee blend, is the first one we have. It has a very potent flavor because of the chocolate and berry overtones. One of the best Vietnam coffee brand is this one.

The cancer warning on the box is the major worry with this coffee, but it’s nothing to be alarmed about. This is a Prop 65 warning that ALL coffee sold within the state of California is required to include owing to the acrylamide residue formed in the roasting process, as stated by one user. Therefore, it is only a formality and not a real cause for concern.


  • You avoid the inconvenience of having to grind your own coffee because you purchase it already ground.
  • The flavors taste good because they are expertly harmonized.
  • You can brew this coffee as you wish.
  • If you enjoy chocolate, this coffee may quickly become one of your favorites.


  • Despite being more practical, powdered beans don’t keep their freshness as long as whole beans do.
  • This might not be for you if you don’t like artificial flavoring in your coffee.
  • Some people have complained that the coffee does not adequately filter through.

2. Vinacafe- Instant Vietnam coffee brand

Vinacafe- Instant Vietnam coffee brand


Vinacafe is one of the ideal quick Vietnam coffee brand blends for you if you enjoy instant coffee!

You receive 20 sachets in each pack. You can get a pack of one, five, or twenty as well.

It’s a three-in-one coffee, thus the packet includes sugar, milk, and coffee. It just needs to be dissolved in hot water. Then you can either put ice in it to enjoy it cold or just drink it hot.


  • For those who enjoy instant coffee, this is a fantastic option.
  • It is quite simple to prepare.
  • It is portable because all you need to do is bring the package along and mix it with a cup of water.
  • With sugar and creamer, your coffee is balanced.
  • The cost per cup is really affordable at about $0.5 per sachet.


  • Even though it seems like a popular product, not everyone enjoys instant coffee.
  • This might not be for you if you prefer black coffee because it already contains milk and sugar.
  • Be careful while purchasing to make sure you are paying the standard price because the price can occasionally go up.

3. Truegrit Peaberry Robusta

Truegrit Peaberry Robusta

We have Truegrit Robusta from Nguyen Coffee Supply, a medium-roasted ground coffee that is also offered in whole bean form.

Other flavors offered by this company include Loyalty, a 50/50 combination of Moxy Arabica and other flavors, but Truegrit stays faithful to Vietnamese traditions.

They don’t use any additives or fillers when making authentic coffee. They collaborate with Vietnamese farmers who are in their fourth generation, from whom they purchase their coffee beans. It is roasted in New York after being roasted in Vietnam.

Scotch, grapefruit, and bitter melon are the flavor notes of Truegrit Peaberry.


  • You receive pure, natural coffee that doesn’t contain any artificial additives.
  • People who enjoy Vietnamese coffee but don’t like the strong flavor will find it to be the perfect alternative because it comes in a pretty light roast.
  • This is fantastic for everyone because it comes in both ground and whole coffee varieties.


  • While some may see this as a benefit, given that Vietnamese coffee is typically dark roasted, some people do not appreciate the light roast. If you want it to be stronger, try adding less water.
  • You might want to test a 50/50 blend first since Robusta is a contentious blend.
  • Compared to the other products on this list, it is very pricey.

4. Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee- The best traditional Vietnam coffee brand beans

Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee- The best traditional Vietnam coffee brand beans

The Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee is a bag of entirely Vietnamese-grown Arabica coffee beans.

They characterize their coffee as having a high caffeine content while still being powerful and unpretentious.

Their entire procedure is absolutely remarkable. Only the greatest growers supply the Vietnamese coffee beans. They are then roast at a USFDA-approved facility.

The co-founders of this business are passionate about both coffee and Vietnam, and they have given their all into building this brand.

This makes it be the Vietnam coffee brand available.


  • The best part is that you may grind these whole coffee beans as you like and they will stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  • There are only pure coffee beans; there are no additives.
  • The coffee beans are roasted to make hot brew, cold brew, and Vietnamese iced coffee all out of them.
  • This Vietnamese mix of coffee is robust, delicious, and smooth for those who enjoy dark coffee.


  • This is not the one for you if you don’t like dark coffee.
  • Because it can only be purchased as whole beans, you shouldn’t purchase it if you don’t have a coffee grinder.
  • Vietnamese coffee is typically a Robusta blend, but this version uses Arabica beans.

5. Nescafe – Vietnam Coffee Brand for Sweet-Toothed People

Nescafe - Vietnam Coffee Brand for Sweet-Toothed People

A new coffee product from Nestle Vietnam is called NESCAFE Cafe Viet. It makes it easier for coffee enthusiasts to have a traditional black cup of coffee with roasted and blended coffee’s aroma. There are now numerous instant and roasted coffee varieties available from Nescafé.

High-quality Vietnamese coffee beans are used to make Nescafe Cafe Viet Milky Iced Coffee. This milky iced coffee does really have a robust coffee flavor with the rich, creamy flavor of genuine milk.

You can drink this coffee hot or cold. Pour 50 mL of water with ice cubes for a cold brew and 70 mL of boiling water for a hot brew.

There are 14 packs in each box.


  • Served either hot or cold
  • Milk without fat
  • Bold and strong flavour


  • Pronounced milk flavor

Final thought

We recommend Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee as the best Vietnam coffee brand based on the study and reviews. This one satisfies the requirements for Vietnamese coffee.

This coffee is excellent despite using Arabica beans rather than the more common Robusta beans. It is offered as a whole bean, uses good roasting methods, and is sourced locally.

However, grinding coffee can be challenging, so it’s okay if you can’t achieve this one. Furthermore, this coffee makes a strong claim, so once more, if that’s not your thing, you shouldn’t choose it.

Whichever coffee best suits your preferences and demands should be chosen. Simply choose a coffee that meets your needs after deciding what you need from one.

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