Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try

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Vietnam is a country that owns many beautiful landscapes as well as famous tourist destinations in the world. Not only that, but Vietnamese cuisine is also what attracts international tourists to visit. Let’s discover the best Vietnamese dishes through the article Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try.

1. Phở (Vietnamese Noodles)

Phở (Vietnamese Noodles)

Phở is a very popular dish among Vietnamese people. The rich, delicious taste of the bone broth and full spices is a dish that everyone in Vietnam must taste. You may not know that Phở is also the most famous Vietnamese dish for international tourists. Phở is a traditional dish of Vietnam, and can also be considered as one of the most typical dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.

Phở is usually used as a breakfast dish, or for dinner. The main ingredients of Phở are Phở noodles and broth along with thinly sliced beef. Previously, there were only Phở bò (Vietnamese Noodles Beef ), but over time, many restaurants have created more Phở gà (Vietnamese Noodles) and Phở chả (Vietnamese Noodles Cha). This is also a special dish indispensable in the Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try.

2. Bún chả Hà Nội

No one can answer the exact history of Bún chả in Hanoi, nor know who this dish was created by. It is only known that for a long time, from generation to generation, the people of Hanoi capital have always been familiar with Bún chả and consider it an indispensable dish in daily culinary life.

If you do not know, Bun Cha Hanoi has many times appeared in international media and was praised by President Barack Obama for its particularly attractive taste. The ingredients for making Hanoi bun cha are extremely simple with ingredients such as vermicelli, grilled meat, and grilled pork rolls, but it is the ingenuity in the way of processing that has made the name for this dish.

3. Bánh cuốn

Bánh cuốn

One of the dishes that when coming to Vietnam you should not miss the Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try is Bánh Cuốn. Bánh Cuốn with the softness of rice flour, and the delicious taste of fried onions and minced pork is a delicious dish loved by many Vietnamese people. Although no document accurately records the origin of this cake, it is nonetheless a simple dish with bold flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

4. Bánh mì thịt (Bread meat)

Bánh mì thịt (Bread meat)

Bread with meat is a dish that has been deeply imprinted in the minds of many Vietnamese people, becoming the pride of the nation and one of the representatives of the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, Vietnamese bread has now crossed the national border and left its mark on world cuisine.

In Vietnam, the first loaves of bread followed the French who came here in 1859 with the name Baguette bread. At that time, because of economic conditions, bread was only used as a luxury food. Then, under the hands of talented Vietnamese bakers, bread bearing the very nature of Vietnamese people was born.

Initially, there were only a few small but very famous places such as Hoa Ma bread, then the bread continued to be modified to have the current size and length. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, today bread has become a special highlight in Vietnamese cuisine.

Today’s rustic cake is sold all over the roads in big cities to the countryside, making many foreign diners excited. The golden loaves are baked on hot coals to make them crispy before adding the filling to make anyone who sees them crave. People no longer consider bread to be a luxury food, but bread has become the main food for everyone, it is both delicious and cheap and very convenient.

5. Bánh xèo

Bánh xèo

Banh xeo is a kind of cake that is quite popular among all Vietnamese people. This cake looks simple, but this feat is very popular with international friends when visiting and experiencing the culture and cuisine of Vietnam. Banh xeo is also varied depending on the region and preferences, so there are many different types of pancakes depending on each locality in Vietnam.

Wherever it is, this traditional cake still retains its irresistible deliciousness for diners. To have a delicious Banh Xeo dish in addition to the basic ingredients, the way of seasoning depends on taste, the dexterity of the chef’s hands when pouring the crust is extremely important because the crust is not crispy or thick.

Different thinness will make the dish less attractive. Eating Banh Xeo with vegetables, especially wild vegetables, dipping with sweet and sour fish sauce and a little sour food, you will feel the explosive blend of flavors immediately.

With the crunchy and fatty feeling of the crust, the freshness of forest vegetables, and a little chewy, delicious taste of bacon and shrimp, combined with the sour, sweet, and spicy taste of the fish sauce, you will surely enjoy it. It is impossible to resist the rustic Banh Xeo dish, a specialty of the countryside in Vietnam.

6. Bánh chưng (Chung Cake)

Bánh chưng (Chung Cake)

When it comes to the most delicious and famous dishes in Vietnam, surely the Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try cannot ignore Banh Chung. According to the concept from ancient times, the Vietnamese Banh Chung has a square shape, symbolizing the land.

Chung cake is made from glutinous rice with a filling of green beans, fatty meat, onions, and pepper… All are wrapped in a layer of green dong leaves and tied with soft loose fibers to create a beautiful, square shape. This dish often appears on Tet holiday so it is symbolic of the spring of Vietnam.

7. Nem rán

Nem rán

According to many documents, the origin of Nem Ran comes from Chinese cuisine, belonging to the group of famous dim sum dishes. When introduced to Vietnam, Nem Ran was modified into ingredients and spices to suit the taste of Vietnamese people. Up to now, Nem Ran has become a familiar and indispensable dish on the Tet tray of many Vietnamese families.

8. Gỏi cuốn

Gỏi cuốn

Vietnam is one of the countries with the richest cuisine in the world. Goi Cuon is a dish not to be missed in the Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try. This is a dish that is loved by many people as well as tourists when coming to Vietnam. There is almost no fixed recipe for these dishes. Depending on the locality and region, the materials used to roll have many differences.

9. Chả cá

Chả cá

Cha Ca is a rustic but very delicate dish that has been praised by the press and leading culinary sites in the world as “a must-try dish once in a lifetime”. Hanoians are always appreciated for their sophistication and elegance but are also extremely picky and fastidious in enjoying food. It is this sophistication that makes a simple and popular dish like fish cake also blown away and become the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine.

10. Cơm hến (Mussel rice)

Cơm hến (Mussel rice)

As one of its specialties of Hue, few people would have guessed that Mussel rice was originally a poor family dish prepared with the most sophisticated method. Experiencing many ups and downs and historical upheavals, the rustic rice dish has now become one of the bright spots on the culinary map of Vietnam.

11. Mì Quảng (Quang Noodles)

Mì Quảng (Quang Noodles)

People in the central part of Vietnam, everyone knows about Quang Noodles (Quang Noodles). Unlike Pho, the broth of Quang noodles is dense and juicy from all kinds of ingredients. The broth of noodles is very little, never fully submerged, so it looks very harmonious and beautiful.

Currently, Quang noodles are listed in the list of Vietnamese dishes recognized for Asian culinary values. This is a dish that is both rustic and typical of the people of Quang Nam.

12. Bún bò Huế

Bún bò Huế

Bun bo Hue is a favorite dish because of its eye-catching appearance and unforgettable taste. This is also the last dish in the Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try. Bun bo Hue has many differences compared to the beef noodle soup of other localities. This dish is so famous that almost anyone who has traveled to Hue must enjoy it at least once.

A standard bowl of beef noodle soup will include vermicelli, beef, pork blood, crab cakes, and broth. The raw material for making vermicelli is rice flour mixed with filtered flour in a standard ratio so that the noodles have moderate toughness.

The selected beef is the front calf, encrusted with bright red beef or corn, and light yellow beef fat. Eye-catching yellow-orange crab cakes are made from bricks and pureed crab meat with a natural fatty and fleshy taste.

Hopefully the article Top 12 Best Food In Vietnam Must Try will provide you with information about delicious dishes in Vietnam.

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