Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice

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Vietnam is a developed country thanks to the agricultural sector. So the dishes are full of the flavor of a country that grows wet rice. Join us to discover Vietnamese dishes made from rice through the article Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice.

1. Cơm nắm (Rice ball)

Cơm nắm (Rice ball)

Rice ball is the first dish in the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice. It is a quite popular dish in Vietnam made from rice as the main ingredient. The rice is cooked, soft, and kneaded like a ball of dough. This dish is shaped into dense logs or balls, and then it is also eaten by hand.

Each handful or piece of rice is picked out, then often combined with sesame salt or minced pork mixed with spices to taste. In the past, Rice ball was often used in backpacking trips and picnics. Today it even appears on restaurant menus.

2. Cơm lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo)

Cơm lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo)

Sticky rice cooked in bamboo is made by stuffing sticky rice into bamboo tubes, first wrapped in banana leaves, and then grilled over hot coals. It was invented as a convenient and easy-to-carry snack for long trips.

Many documents suggest that its origin is often associated with northern and northwestern Vietnam, especially in Sapa, although similar techniques and dishes can be found in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.  Sticky rice cooked in bamboo is usually served with grilled pork or chicken, and it is often sprinkled with sesame seeds or roasted peanuts.

3. Xôi gà (Chicken sticky rice)

Xôi gà (Chicken sticky rice)

In its basic form, this simple Vietnamese dish consists of glutinous rice topped with fried or boiled chicken, and it is traditionally served on a banana leaf. Variations can include flavored colored rice, sautéed and fresh vegetables, or char siu (Chinese roast pork).

The dish is usually finished with a sprinkle of ground shrimp and some chili sauce. Chicken sticky rice is served in restaurants, but is mainly enjoyed as nutritious and inexpensive street food. This is the next dish in the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice.

4. Cơm chiên Việt nam (Vietnamese fried rice)

Cơm chiên Việt nam (Vietnamese fried rice)

Fried rice is a simple dish that is loved by many Vietnamese people. This dish is versatile as almost anything can be added to rice to enrich it, but it is usually made with steamed rice, garlic, salt, and pepper. The rice is cooked and then fried in hot oil.

Fried rice is served hot and can be served with a variety of vegetables, eggs, or sausages. Soy sauce or fish sauce can be used as a seasoning, while chopped scallions help add texture and nice visual contrast to the rice.

5. Bánh chưng (Chung Cake)

Bánh chưng (Chung cake)

The main ingredients of this Vietnamese traditional cake are glutinous rice, green beans, fatty pork, and spices such as salt, pepper, green onions, and fish sauce. Pork is seasoned, wrapped in rice and beans, wrapped in dong leaves (a leafy plant in Vietnam) then boiled.

Sometimes, to give the cake a nicer shape, square wooden molds are used in the process of wrapping the cake. Banh Chung is valuable in terms of the traditional culture and history of Vietnam because it often appears during every Tet holiday.

6. Cơm cháy (scorched rice)

Cơm cháy (scorched rice)

Scorched rice is a traditional dish of Vietnam and a specialty of Ninh Binh province. The dish is made from steamed rice, sliced into a round and flat shapes. The rice to use is Huong glutinous rice, round grain, and mushy. It is then sun-dried several times and stored in a dark and cold space to preserve flavor and prevent mold growth.

After drying, the rice slices are fried in hot oil until the rice is crispy. The elderberry is usually served with goat meat, beef, pork intestines, carrots, and mushrooms. This is also one of the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice.

7. Cơm tấm (broken rice)

Cơm tấm (broken rice)

Broken rice is a traditional Vietnamese dish often sold as street food. It consists of broken and imperfect rice grains that are traditionally milled after the milling process, but today it has become a signature dish of Ho Chi Minh City. Broken rice has the same texture as regular rice, only it is smaller in size.

When served, broken rice is accompanied by a variety of side dishes such as fried eggs, shredded pork, grilled pork ribs, or deep-fried fish cakes. Regular garnishes include lemon, chopped green onions, and mint, while accompaniments served on the side include sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled vegetables, or dipping sauces.

8. Xôi (Sticky rice)

Xôi (Sticky rice)

With many versions improved over time, sticky rice is one of Vietnam’s favorite dishes. This dish can be easily found anywhere from many roadside stalls to traditional restaurants and even high-class restaurants. Made from steamed sticky rice, these dishes can be made into savory or sweet sticky rice.

They are traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and are often enjoyed as a cheap and scrumptious breakfast, a mid-day snack, or a dessert. Although in many localities in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, people consider sticky rice as the main dish in their meals.

9. Phở Việt Nam (Vietnamese noodles)

Phở Việt Nam (Vietnamese noodles)

If anyone has ever been to Vietnam, they must try Pho (Vietnamese noodles). This is also a dish loved by many Vietnamese people as well as international tourists. It is a traditional Vietnamese dish made from finely ground rice and processed into noodles.

To enjoy this dish, you need to go through many stages, from stewing bones to making noodles. This dish is often enjoyed as a breakfast dish, but some localities also choose it as the main dish. The spices served are depending on the taste of each locality. This is also an indispensable dish in the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice.

10. Bánh bèo (Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake)

Bánh bèo (Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake)

Bloating Fern–Shaped Cake is a cake made from rice flour and is also the last dish in the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice. The rich flavor of this cake has made many international customers unforgettable. If talking about the most popular Vietnamese cakes, surely Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake will be one of the indispensable names.

This cake is usually made from steamed rice flour and served with toppings and dipping sauce. The filling is very rich, depending on the region, there are different types of fillings such as peanuts, and shrimp puree… but all of them have their unique flavor, which is unusually attractive to diners.

Each dish in the Top 10 Best Vietnamese Dishes With Rice has its flavor and character, but they all have one thing in common: they are made from rice. This is an indispensable food in the life of Vietnamese people.

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