Thailand Trip Cost & Some Detailed Guide

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Many travelers frequently worry “What does the actual Thailand trip cost?” or “Is Thailand cheap?” before departing for the country. Alternatively, “What is the best financial advice for Thailand, as an alternative?” Thailand is a reasonably priced destination. Thailand is still a fairly cheap tourist destination, despite not being as inexpensive as its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos or Cambodia. Of course, each traveler’s own tastes and the actual cost of their vacation to Thailand will vary. But for those who are wondering about the Thailand trip cost, this is the article for you!

A detailed guide to Thailand trip cost

Flight ticket cost to Thailand

The price of a flight to Thailand is influenced by the departure date. Thailand is best visited between November and February when the temperature is cool. Moreover, airfare increases during the busiest travel period. From May to October, flights to Thailand are more affordable. There is a good likelihood that your flight will be quite lengthy and quite expensive if you are coming from the Americas or Europe.

Bangkok is one of the least expensive places in Asia to fly to, particularly if you fly with Qatar Airways, Etihad, or another Gulf carrier, but costs do increase during the winter travel season. If airfares to Bangkok seem pricey, look into flights to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and other Asian hubs to determine whether you can find a journey to Bangkok on the cheap with Air Asia or another low-cost carrier.

Accommodation costs in Thailand

Another Thailand trip cost that we want to recommend to you is accommodation cost. There are many accommodation options in Thailand. You have cheap motels to choose from, beautiful beach bungalows, and luxury beach resorts. Accommodation tends to consume most of a Thai travel budget, but it is still very affordable compared to other destinations around the world.

  • Hostel: The least expensive lodging option in Thailand is a backpacker hostel. A night in a dorm room typically costs between $6 and $12 USD. The $10–$12 dorms will be significantly nicer; the $6 dorms will be more modest. Although they are inexpensive, all Thai hostels are generally quite clean and well-equipped.
  • Cheap hotels: Thailand has a lot of guest houses that are small, simple, and cheap hotels. You can find a basic budget double room for $15 to $30 a night.
  • Mid-range Hotel: Even mid-range hotels in Thailand are quite cheap compared to the common ground in the West. For example, a nice hotel with a swimming pool and many other amenities can be as low as $20 a night.
  • Luxury hotel: If you have a rich budget and want to go to Thailand to relax, you should choose high-class hotels or resorts to enjoy. Especially when traveling on the islands, you can see many beautiful beachfront hotels that cost between $100 and $300 a night.

Luxury hotel

Transportation costs in Thailand

Most tourists visiting Thailand will likely be visiting many different cities, so be prepared for transportation so it doesn’t take long. The good news is that Thailand has a fairly efficient transportation system that will take you wherever. Thailand’s standard tourist itinerary begins in Bangkok and travels north to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai before heading south to the islands. Here are some suggestions on the cost of different types of transportation in Thailand:


When traveling long distances across the country, flying is the best option. You can get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, or from Bangkok to the islands in just an hour. Choose low-cost airlines such as Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Air Asia, Thai Airways, or Thai Vietjet, the average cost for a one-way domestic flight is between 30-50 USD. Of course, traveling by plane costs more, but it is quite convenient and saves time for visitors to explore many places.

Bus & Train

Traveling by train or bus in Thailand is very cheap, but it may take you longer to get where you want to go. Normally, a Third Class Ticket from Bangkok to Ayutthaya will cost only $0.50 for a two-hour journey. An overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with an air-conditioned second-class bed will cost you more than $23 while a third-class ticket is only about $10. This is one of the cheapest ways to get around the country If you love to experience travel and see the peaceful and beautiful countryside landscape.

Thailand has a highly developed bus system. Bus schedules in some smaller cities enable long-distance travel to other cities and national landmarks. Public and private buses are both options for travelers, with the latter providing a superior level of luxury and service. Long-distance costs for a trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai might range from $19 to $30. As a result, it is more affordable than domestic flights and railroads.


Taxis are the second-cheapest mode of transportation in the city for covering short distances. If you just take metered taxis, your short trip won’t cost you more than $5.


The most well-liked method of traveling between Thailand’s islands is by ferry. Typically, there is only one way to travel between islands, and no matter which ferry company you choose, the price will remain the same. Depending on how far you travel, a ferry trip typically costs $20 or a little bit more.


Food & Drink cost in Thailand

The next Thailand trip cost is food & drink. Thailand is undoubtedly a lover of food paradise. Food won’t consume a significant portion of your Thailand trip budget due to the vast selection of delectable foods and their low prices. For your convenience, the types of restaurants in Thailand and their prices are listed below:

  • Street food: Eating at the street market is the cheapest but equally delicious. Well worth a try at least once. You can buy Pad Thai, Kaho Soi, or fresh fruit for just over $1. basically, most Thai street food will cost $2 or less. This is also where you’ll find the most authentic local Thai food, so don’t miss the chance to explore the street markets in Thailand.
  • Fancy restaurant: Even at high-end restaurants, the food prices are quite affordable. A meal in a high-quality restaurant can cost $20-$30. So Thailand is a great place to treat yourself to the nicest restaurants at affordable prices.
  • Tourist restaurant: You don’t like Thai food in general? Stop worrying because, in the tourist areas of Thailand, you can find a lot of restaurants serving foreigners. This is where you’ll find western food like pizzas, burgers, and European, Chinese and Indian fare in addition to classic Thai meals. A meal here usually costs between $3 and $6.

pad thai

Spend between $1 and $15 a day on bottled water because tap water in Thailand is typically not regarded as safe to consume. When it comes to drinking, purchasing alcohol from a convenience shop is the most affordable option in Thailand. A beer costs $3 in local mini-bars, and a split bucket of whiskey and Coke costs $3–$7. So even though beverages are not expensive in Thailand, one of the best money-saving advice for Thailand is to just limit your drinking in general and preserve money for gourmet adventures and other expenses.

Activities cost in Thailand

In addition to the cost of airfare, accommodation as well as transportation, now let’s discuss the cost of sightseeing and participating in activities in Thailand. Tours and activities in Thailand vary widely in price and quality. There are many free temples and museums. The most expensive activities involve sailing to remote islands like Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, and the Similan Islands. You can compare prices at several travel companies and haggle to save money. Boat cruises across Thailand’s islands often cost $20 to $40. Popular tourist destinations in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai charge $3–16 for admission. Here are the costs of some typical activities:

  • Royal Palace in Bangkok: $16
  • Museum of Death: $6,5
  • Island Hopping day trip: $30-$100
  • Thai Massage: $5-$15 per hour
  • National Parks: $6-$9
  • Diving day trip: $50-$150

Thai Massage:

Another Thailand trip cost

As I gave you a general idea of the Thailand trip cost, there will always be unforeseen expenses. Do you enjoy buying souvenirs in each country you visit? We recommend setting aside some money for these additional expenses, around 10% of your travel budget is fine. With many markets and commercial centers, shopping is one of the must-do activities for tourists when coming to Thailand. Especially the massage service here is quite famous, you can spend more than $ 10 each time and enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxation. In addition, tipping is not required in Thai culture although you can give the waiter a little extra if the service there pleases you.

In conclusion, Thailand is a country well worth visiting during your vacation. You can stay in cheap hostels or stay in high-end resorts. There are street foods with unique Thai flavors or high-end dishes with prices in the hundreds. You can stroll around the budget attractions, pass the time on the beaches, or join expensive private tours to explore the Thai islands. Our article has given a detailed guide on the Thailand trip cost. Hope you will have a great experience in the land of golden pagodas.

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