Thailand Cuisine Maui Mall Review

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You’ll find plenty of Southeast Asian cuisine influences throughout the Hawaiian islands, including a number of signature Thai restaurants. Thailand cuisine Maui Mall is a prime example and an ideal place for those who are in the US but miss the taste of Thailand. At first glance, Thai cuisine may look like a mall restaurant in Maui Mall, but it’s not. This is an award-winning Thai restaurant known for its delicious and authentic dishes served by friendly and attentive staff. Let’s learn about Thailand cuisine Maui Mall in this article with us.

General overview of Thailand cuisine Maui Mall

Thailand cuisine is a famous restaurant located in the city center. In fact, you’ll especially find it in the busy Maui Mall and hidden among other boutique shops and restaurants on the pedestrianized street leading to the center’s main theater complex. shopping center. Do not hesitate to choose this place to have a healthy and delicious lunch. With more than 80 dishes on the menu, Thailand cuisine brings Asian flavors to everyone, whether meat lovers, seafood lovers, or even vegetarians.

The decor is what one would expect in a Thai restaurant. On the outside, the restaurant looks like a giant wooden temple, giving a very different appearance. Going deep inside, you can easily see the wooden panels on the walls and ceiling. You can choose to sit inside the wooden booths or on the large wooden tables. The whole interior is really attractive to customers, making you feel like entering a real high-end Thai restaurant. The red, yellow, and brown colors blend with the faux elephant heads for a very Thai touch. Besides, the service is quick, friendly, and attentive. Another plus point for the restaurant.

Thailand cuisine Maui Mall

Popular menu in Thailand cuisine Maui Mall

Pad Thai

This popular stir-fry is packed with eggs, veggies, and your choice of protein. You can choose tofu if vegetarian as well as beef or chicken. The noodles of this dish are especially fresh and soaked in a spicy sauce.

Pad Thai

Thai Red Curry

You can order this red curry meal with chicken, beef, pig, shrimp, fish, or tofu. This option is prepared with huge red peppers, eggplant, bamboo shoots, fresh basil, and a red curry sauce. All are cooked in coconut milk and given a side of white rice while still hot. It is a tasty and satisfying supper that is excellent on rainy days.

Family Dinner Selections

If you are looking for a hearty meal for the whole family in the evening, the restaurant also has a unique family dinner option. This section of the menu has three options, each of which includes a full dinner menu for a certain number of people. There are menu options for two, three, and four. Each option offers a complete starter, main course, and finally, a drink in the size described. For example, you choose a family dinner for three that will include spring rolls, two bowls of coconut shrimp curry and a side dish of green curry shrimp, Pad Pei beef with pork, and a serving of rice. Drinking water can choose hot tea or coffee as you like.

Other dishes

In addition to the dishes mentioned above, Thailand cuisine Maui Mall also has many other equally special dishes such as hot Thai spring rolls, crispy and accompanied by lettuce leaves, mint, and cucumber. A great dipping sauce is a sweet sauce with chopped peanuts. Chicken and pineapple fried rice has a strong aroma and is sweet and slightly pasty. It’s still wonderful though, so give it another shot. In a half, a pineapple, fried chicken, peas, carrots, cashews, eggs, and special sauce are served. Tom Yum Ta Lay is another excellent option. The tasty soup from Tom Yum has a wonderful gradual burn even without coconut milk to ease the tongue and taste receptors.

Thai spring roll

The shellfish soup was flavored with ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime. Spices including ginger, lemongrass, kaffir lime, chile, basil, and mint are used in traditional Thai dishes. Such intricate herb fusions give dishes a really deep flavor. With so many food options, sometimes it’s hard to make room for dessert. However, you will regret it if you miss their sweet sticky rice and homemade coconut ice cream. For only $6.95, you can buy yourself a delicious dessert. Other desserts include fried bananas and tapioca.

To sum up, we introduced you to the Thailand cuisine Maui Mall in Hawaii and the unique dishes you should try there. Of course, whatever you choose from the menu at Thailand Cuisine will most likely be delicious. This restaurant has received the local award as “Best Ethnic Restaurant in Maui” on four separate occasions to date.

Their dishes are renowned for being authentic and delicious, served in a professional environment with excellent, friendly staff. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy authentic Thai dishes at this restaurant. If you know of any hot Thai restaurants, don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know. Goodbye and see you again in many other articles on the same topic.

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