Pho Vietnam- The Best Quintessence of Vietnamese Cuisine

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Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asian cuisine, which is extremely diverse and colorful. Which, Pho is a dish that has long carried the traditional features of this place. It is not merely a mouthwatering hot soup but also offers an insight into Vietnamese culture. Visiting Vietnam without eating pho, your trip seems not really complete. So what’s inside this mouthwatering dish that any gourmet can’t resist? Let’s find out everything related to Pho Vietnam-A very attractive dish with!

What is Pho?

Pho is a typical Vietnamese soup that is basically made from rice noodles and a broth that is stewed from bones and meat, be it beef or chicken. The most famous Pho is Pho beef which consists of thinly sliced ​​beef and a variety of fillings. A bowl of pho is complete with fresh herbs including basil, coriander, bean sprouts, hot peppers, and shredded lime. Don’t be surprised that these extra ingredients not only enhance the look of pho but also add a unique flavor.

Foodies love Pho because of the combination of different flavors, sweet, salty, and spicy. The magic of the dish also lies in the fragrant broth, which is sure to blow all your senses as soon as you step into any pho restaurant. Pho is usually eaten for breakfast however you can order a bowl of pho at any time of the day throughout Vietnam.

What is Pho?

The origin of Pho

Pho today has become the national dish of Vietnamese people and is increasingly popular around the world. Up to now, there is a lot of debate about the history of Pho Vietnam. The most popular belief is that the Vietnamese pho was born in the early 20th century. Some people think that Vietnamese pho originated in Nam Dinh city. Meanwhile, many people assert that Vietnamese pho first appeared in Hanoi, where this dish has made a golden reputation. It then follows people who migrated to the south in the 1950s before embarking on a journey around the world, from New York to Melbourne.

Regarding the origin, there are two streams of opinion. The first suggested that Pho Vietnam originated from a Cantonese dish in Guangdong province, China. Another opinion is that it is a successful variation of French beef stew combined with traditional Vietnamese herbs. In short, Pho Vietnam is a harmonious combination of the characteristics of three different cuisines including French, Cantonese, and Vietnamese cuisine. And the Vietnamese factor plays a major role.

The origin of Pho
Vietnamese people do not create their own Pho. However, it was the Vietnamese people who inherited and modified Pho to bring it a golden reputation around the world. The beef noodle soup was no longer a monopoly until 1939 when Chicken Pho entered the fray because the beef was not available on the Vietnamese market on Mondays and Fridays. Beef pho and chicken noodle soup have dominated Vietnamese cuisine ever since.

The meaning of Pho in Vietnamese culture

Reflecting the quintessence of Vietnam

The main ingredient of pho is soft noodles made from rice. Vietnam is an agricultural country with thousands of years of civilization, so rice plays an important role in the normal life of people as well as the development of the country. Eating rice and dishes made from rice such as pho, vermicelli, steamed Banh Cuon, and Banh Chung has become a feature in Vietnamese culture. In addition, pho is a culinary feature characterized by the purity and harmonious combination of many traditional ingredients that are typical of Vietnamese cuisine. Pho is also served with a variety of special herbs that are hard to find anywhere outside of Vietnam.

The meaning of Pho in Vietnamese culture

Pho is an extremely nutritious food

In a tropical monsoon climate like Vietnam, the best time to enjoy a hot bowl of pho is in the morning or at midnight. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam from the end of October to the beginning of April, do not forget to visit Hanoi to enjoy the cold of this city. Then, sit near the warm fire and slurp hot, slightly chilly noodles to warm up the body.
Not only that, Pho is a harmonious combination of many healthy traditional ingredients. A decent source of carbs is rice noodles. In addition, the broth is simmered with beef, chicken, or pork bones, which is very good for health. In particular, pho is served with a variety of herbs that are proven to help people feel more comfortable such as ginger, mint, and green onions.

Types of Pho Vietnam

You may be surprised at Pho Vietnam’s variety in regions and flavors. Here are some of the most popular types of pho in Vietnam:

  • Pho bo (beef Pho): is the most popular type of pho and there are many styles for you to choose from according to your own preferences. Recycled Pho is popular for its softness while Named Pho enhances the flavor. Some additional options are fat breast, tendon, and beef balls. You can call them separately or mix them together.
  • Pho ga (chicken Pho): is also pho but has a lighter broth. The chicken used in this dish is usually lean chicken or shredded chicken thighs. If you have been a fan of beef Pho, you will find chicken noodle soup completely different but equally delicious.
  • Pho Cuon (Pho rolls): is one of the most popular dishes in Hanoi, besides Bun Cha. The uncomplicated pho roll consists of beef and some green herbs wrapped and rolled. To try this special version of Pho, simply dip the rolls in fish sauce with sliced ​​chili garlic, salted papaya, or cucumber.

pho vietnam

  • Pho Tron (mixed Pho): no broth but a salad with beef or chicken instead. The thinly sliced ​​meat is marinated with spices then put in a pan mixed with fresh vegetables and served with freshly boiled rice noodles. In addition, mixed pho can also be garnished with chopped peanuts and horn peppers.
  • Pho Kho (Pho Dry): represents the culinary culture of Gia Lai province, Central Highlands of Vietnam. The difference between Pho Kho is that the noodle soup and broth are served separately. The noodles are thinner and longer. When put in boiling water, the vermicelli will be slightly soft instead of soft and pasty like other types of vermicelli.

Pho Kho (Pho Dry)

  • Pho chay (vegetarian Pho): Another variation of Pho Vietnam. Vegetarian Pho is fresh and pleasant with the warm aroma of cinnamon, anise, cloves, and ginger making the vegetable broth pure. Mushrooms, tofu, and imitation meat are used as substitutes for meat. Vegetarian pho is usually served at restaurants near Buddhist temples and any vegetarian restaurants in cities.

Best places to eat Pho Vietnam

Ha Noi

Pho Gia Truyen

  • Address: 49 Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 8.30 PM

Pho Thin

  • Address:13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

  • Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Ho Chi Minh

Pho Le

  • Address: 413-415 Nguyen Trai, District 5 | 303-305 Vo Van Tan, District 3
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 1.00 AM

Pho Hoa

  • Address: 260C Pasteur, District 3
  • Opening hours: 5:00 AM – 11.30 PM

Pho 2000

  • Address: 1-3 Phan Chau Trinh, District 1
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 1.00 PM

In conclusion, Pho Vietnam, which is a breakthrough in Vietnamese cuisine, is also the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Pho is also considered one of the most popular street food in almost all major cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ha Long, Nam Dinh, and Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, no dish can represent the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine like pho. Besides, Pho is also the pride of Vietnamese people. Today, Vietnamese people have introduced pho to global friends and brought pho to the world.