How Much Is The Indonesia Trip Cost?

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Indonesia is a large country in Southeast Asia consisting of a large archipelago and more than 17,000 other large and small islands. Each island offers a wonderful natural environment and a diversity of cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, diving with whale sharks, hiking through the jungle, or climbing a volcano, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this country. So are you wondering how much the Indonesia trip cost? According to some surveys, Indonesia is the third cheapest country to travel to in Southeast Asia, after Cambodia and Vietnam. Let’s find out in detail through today’s article.

The Indonesia trip cost

Transportation costs in Indonesia

As a country with a chain of large and small islands, Indonesia sometimes faces a bit of a challenge in terms of transportation. To go from one island to another, you can choose to go by plane or ferry. To move to the city can choose the bus.

Taxi: Taxis in Indonesia are generally safe and well-priced. Plus, Taxi prices will depend on where you are in the country. Some places have higher departure fees at a lower cost per kilometer while others will do the opposite. Always ask the driver to use the meter and if they refuse, choose another taxi!

Bus: Buses are also quite popular in Indonesia and are very cheap, only about $ 1. However, ticket prices can vary depending on the locality or from one island to another. Be careful with pickpockets that often happen on the bus.

Rent Motorcycles: In Indonesia, renting a motorcycle is not difficult. Rental stores and booths line the streets in all popular tourist spots. A scooter may typically be rented for less than $5 per day, though prices can increase somewhat in strong demand. It should be mentioned that according to Indonesian legislation, all foreign drivers must possess either an Indonesian provisional license or an international driving permit. The three-month temporary license will set you back at about $20. It is also required that you wear a helmet while driving, so keep that in mind.

Rent Motorcycles

Plane: There are enormous bodies of water separating each island, making it impossible to travel everywhere by bus or train. The quickest method of transportation between islands is by plane. Traveling in Indonesia can be greatly accelerated by using discount airlines that operate there. For your reference, the following are a few samples of domestic flight prices in Indonesia:

  • Jakarta to Bali: $44
  • Jakarta to Komodo Island: $71
  • Bali to Komodo Island: $33
  • Bali to Yogyakarta: $41


Traveling by ferry is also quite interesting in Indonesia. The majority of journeys cost under $100, although longer voyages or journeys in a private cabin will cost extra. You may take a ferry for as low as $15 USD to get from Bali to Flores, a journey that takes more than 30 hours. One bed in a hostel with 200 beds, six meals, plus some sort of evening entertainment are all included at this cost.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can also buy smaller cabins with 2–8 beds if you can’t share a room with that many people. Theft and pickpocketing are frequently reported on ferries, just like on public buses, especially in big dorm rooms and on extremely crowded boats. Therefore, stay on the lookout at all times and protect your personal property.

Accommodation costs in Indonesia

  • Hostel Dorm: Hostels are usually quite easy to find and highly ranked in Indonesia. Even in Ubud, you can find a dorm bed in a budget hostel for $2-$5 a night! There will always be more expensive options, some of which can go as high as $20 per night depending on your ability to pay.
  • Hostel Double Room: Consider booking a private room for a couple of nights if you are sick of crowded, noisy dorms. For less than $5 per night, you can obtain a communal bathroom and an economy room with a fan. A room with air conditioning and a private bathroom costs somewhere between $15 and $30 if you’re searching for a more luxurious experience. The more expensive rooms frequently include breakfast.
  • Hotel: Indonesia is a paradise of great hotels at cheap prices. Even some of the prettiest spots you can imagine are not too expensive. Like dorm rooms, budget options will likely not have air conditioning or en suite bathrooms, but you’ll be able to get them for under $5 per night! For a more comfortable stay, there are some really great luxury resorts around the country with higher prices.

Hostel Dorm

Food & Drink cost in Indonesia

When it comes to street food in Southeast Asia, Indonesia never disappoints. A plate of simple rice or noodles costs only $0.5-$1.3. A whole grilled fish costs about $4. Although more expensive than street food, restaurant food in Indonesia is quite good. You can choose a local sit-down restaurant that caters to girls for $2 to $6 per person. If you eat at Western-style food chains or more upscale restaurants, meals can cost anywhere from $6 – $11.

You may anticipate that Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, would make it impossible to purchase alcohol. You may still obtain locally manufactured beer for relatively minimal money even though natives in Southeast Asia consume the least alcohol overall! For instance, a bottle of Bintang beer costs around $1 or $2 while the price of imported beer might reach $5! If you purchase beer from neighborhood stores, the cost will be roughly half that of the bar, and purchasing alcohol in a club will be considerably more expensive! Drink prices at bars and clubs can range from $2.50 to $6.

Bintang beer

Activities cost in Indonesia

In addition to the Indonesia trip cost, and accommodation, we also need to pay attention to the cost of visiting some famous places in Indonesia. We will list some places like:

  • Go orangutan watching at Bukit Lawang: $70
  • Jakarta National Monument: $1
  • Indonesia National Museum: $0,75
  • Borobudur Temple: $25
  • Prambanan Temple: $25
  • Elephant Temple: $1

Surf Camp

When it comes to surfing, Indonesia is the best nation in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has it all, and the holidays are just beginning to hit hard. Average surf camps in Bali start at roughly $450 per week, including board rental, but you can typically find lower rates during off-peak times. Private rooms with en suite bathrooms, transport from your hotel to the beach, delicious meals, and an instructor to help you make the most of your trip are all included in this price.

indonesia trip cost

Sacred Monkey Forest, Bali 

Located in Ubud, Bali is a Hindu temple surrounded by a lush forest filled with monkeys. These monkeys are so used to humans that they will prowl around you in search of food or steal things you carry with you. The entrance fee to the forest is $5.5 and you can walk from Ubud’s hostel because the distance is also quite close. Or if you want to go more organized, sign up for a tour of the woods for $50 per person.

To conclude, in this guide, we shared the Indonesia trip cost, reviewed hotel prices and accommodation budgets in Indonesia, and shared our best tips for finding low-cost hotels and restaurants. good local. Not only that, but we’ve also helped you choose a daily budget, including transportation costs, accommodation costs, and good ways to find cheaper options. Hope we have brought a lot of useful information for your upcoming trip. Wish you have an enjoyable journey with many good memories.

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