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Explore 6 Famous Asian Holidays in November

Are you planning to travel to Asia in November and wonder what special cultural events will take place in these countries? November usually marks the transition of the monsoon season, which brings drier weather to much of Southeast Asia. While popular destinations like Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are just starting to enter their busy dry […]

Explore 2 Most Famous Lantern Festival in Thailand on Autumn

Explore 2 Most Famous Lantern Festival in Thailand on Autumn

An activity that takes place quite popular in Thailand every autumn is the “Lantern Festival”. Lantern festival in Thailand includes 2 main festivals, which are the Yi Peng festival and the Loi Krathong festival. These are two attractive festivals not to be missed when talking about festivals in Southeast Asia. The image of thousands of […]

The Most Spectacular Festivals in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a place of many traditional and spiritually colored wonders. When traveling to Southeast Asia, it is possible that visitors will encounter a lot of very special and unique festivals sent by local people from all over the world. If your Southeast Asia trip coincides with a festival, you’re in luck. The festivals […]